Shared Housing in New Orleans: What Pet Owners Need to Know

When it comes to shared housing in New Orleans, pet owners have some special considerations to keep in mind. Learn about pet ownership regulations, TNVR & RTF programs, Fair Housing Act exemptions & more.

Shared Housing in New Orleans: What Pet Owners Need to Know

When it comes to shared housing in New Orleans, pet owners have some special considerations to keep in mind. To ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe, tenants must agree to maintain control of their pets at all times and clean up any pet waste both inside and outside the apartment. Pets should not be left unattended for an extended period of time, and should be kept in appropriate, enclosed areas within the apartment. For example, small reptiles such as lizards should stay in terrariums and birds in cages.

In 1999, the United States Housing Act of 1937 was amended to include a section on “pet ownership”. This amendment includes provisions such as establishing maximum limits for paying fees and deposits for pets, and prohibiting evictions for residents with pets who would otherwise be legally protected from such procedures during an emergency.


collected by the software company Shelterluv (later shared with Best Friends Animal Society) has confirmed the magnitude of the housing crisis for pet owners. As a first step, municipalities should take an inventory of all the social services available in a community and explore how each service could interact with people and animals with pets.

The new regulation includes all appropriate definitions and the removal of any obstacles to the enactment of the TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) and the RTF (Return-to-Field). Making perfection the enemy of good results in more pets languishing in the shelter and more pets being needlessly euthanized for space. By having inclusive, pet-friendly housing options, municipalities can dramatically reduce the number of pets delivered by their landlords to their publicly funded animal shelters. Public housing agencies (PHAs) are governed by an independent board of commissioners appointed by the mayor or city's governing body.

Field service personnel often have considerable flexibility in the performance of their duties, such as providing effective legal aid to preserve affordable housing options in the community, prevent possible application of the code, and avoid unnecessary ingestion of an animal into a shelter. Most housing is also covered by the Fair Housing Act, which avoids discrimination against tenants with disabilities who have assistance animals. An exemption clause exempts tenants who are already in the building from having to comply with new rules applicable to pets they already had before the changes took place. In Los Angeles, public sterilization and castration services are considered a priority and there are veterinary clinics on city facilities to achieve this goal.

By providing these services, cities can help reduce overcrowding in shelters and prevent euthanasia.

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